“Forbidden Love”

Trust Your Feelings

In a previous essay I wrote about how the Patriarchal Dominance Hierarchy that our society is, overwhelmingly, grooms, trains, all of us, from very shortly after we are born, to adhere strictly to a uniform cis-gender, heterosexual model of thinking and behavior.

The punishments for…

This is Why People are Disgusted with Gay and Trans People

The vast majority of people who say that they are straight have homoerotic dreams and fantasies.

Growing up surrounded by, groomed by, a societal system that is the Patriarchal Dominance Hierarchy and it’s attendant rape-culture, gender binary and cis-het…

Old habits die hard.

I woke up this morning. Still in bed, I tried to recapture the ease and comfort of sleep, but it remained just beyond my reach. I couldn’t quite get close enough to fall into it...
Ahh, weezi. Grasping again? Apparently, I’d had enough sleep and my body…

Asked of me on Quora, 17Nov2021

“Why are Republicans against transgender people?”

Almost all straight people have occasional dreams or fantasies of homosexual activity and/or gender “bending”.

Because they are so indoctrinated and steeped in the cis-het sexuality dictate of society, they are very frightened, terrified, of anyone knowing about…

Getting Sober/Being Uncomfortable

When I was finally ready to get sober, felt like I had no choice, I went to meetings. My 'Major Anxiety Disaorder’, being in a room full of people, caused me to be so nervous that I sat there and sweated. It was not ‘a bit of ladylike…

How To Make Love To A Person Who Has A Vagina

To begin with a vagina is usually an integral part of a woman. This is important because good sex for a woman has at least one additional element that most men don’t need.

(Please forgive me transwomen, but I…

Asked of me on Quora, 7(?) November, 2021

“How do people feel about the topic of transgender people?”

I can tell you how I feel about trans-people.

I feel that it’s none of my business how they dress, what hormones they are on, or what operations they may or may…

Asked of me on Quora, 29oct, 2021

“How do you not get angry with people you hate?”

I take a deep belly breath and remind myself that they are in some kind of emotional pain. Because of that they are sick, miserable, soul sick. Lashing out at others is a…

Addicted to Outrage

We all have been hearing a lot about “outrage culture”, “cancel culture”, and what ever else people are shouting about these days. I have a little theory about it. Please indulge me?

Have you ever felt the thrill of self-righteous anger? It’s that feeling when you are…

Am I Really Transgender?

I had the typical, “prefered", transgender experience. I knew that I was really a girl, when I was a little boy.

Was that the result of a jealous older sister repeatedly telling me, “Boys are no good. Only girls are good!”, …

WeeziSbaby, she/her

Generalist: I know almost nothing about almost everything,(just enough to be dangerous;). Inclusive Feminist, Vagiterian. Embracing crone-hood.

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