2 min readMar 12, 2022


Gender Critical?

I’ve been on another platform, dispensing wisdom to 'baby trans' people. It occurred to me that the "gender critical" crowd doesn’t seem to be able to see themselves in an objective way.

They say that, since some men are dangerously violent, all men are dangerously violent. Therefore, they argue, transwomen are dangerously violent.

How far would they get if they were saying, "A black man tried to chat me up today, therefore all black men are sexually obsessed with white women". If anyone, these days, went public with a statement like that they would be denounced and slow-roasted over a bonfire.

They’ve had an initial reaction to something that surprised and shocked them, ie; transwomen.

In an emotionally immature reaction, they’ve refused to look inside themselves to see what caused the extreme reaction.

They have only been obsessed with pinning the blame for their own fear/anger/hatred reaction on the object of their animosity.

Writ small, what we are witnessing is nothing more, nothing less, than a petulant temper-tantrum.

As a parent or aunt or uncle, would you recommend trying to argue a child in the middle of a petulant frenzy out of the tantrum? Useless, we know. All we can compassionately do is to ignore the behavior until they have gotten it out of their system.

Then, when they’ve calmed down, perhaps they’ll be ready to learn, to understand.

In the meantime, we must use the courts to nullify the bigoted, hatred-motivated, legislation as it rears it’s ugly head in one place after another.

Eventually, the obvious fact that we’re not going back in the closet will get through to them.

Perhaps they’ll be ready to listen to reason at that time.

I honestly don’t expect to see that happening until I have long before passed into spirit, but don’t give up. Keep calm, love them and see them with compassionate understanding.

Children can often be difficult, but eventually they’ll run out of "steam" and notice that the whole world has moved on without them.

Kids!(insert eye-roll) What ya gonna do with em? Be patient, be kind. Be the grownup in the room.
Always Love --weezi--




Bye y'all. it's been real. I have a new Chromebook, but I prefer to write these little "aside" pieces on my phone, curled up in my comfy chair. always love; w