Freedom is an illusion

(Facebook, with no explanation, removed this essay from my FB page…twice)(they put it back up. Apparently, someone “kicked it up to a higher authority” for review 🙄)(the ignorant fear that which they don’t understand)

Friends, you do realize that the global economy and governments are dictated by the ultra wealthy, right? Their greed and political whims are behind everything happening in all of the governments around the world. We are their slaves, scrabbling over scraps, fighting amongst ourselves over social issues.... They sit back, "fat and happy", laughing at the fits we have over politics. No matter what happens with our politics, they sit, high in the cat-bird-seat, doing exactly as they please...
The less wealthy,(mere millionaires), know that their interests, their wealth, is tied directly to the ultra-wealthy, so they "middle-manage" the "unwashed", "un, or barely, educated, masses",(that’d be us), keep the economy going, feeding the hungry coffers of the wealthy, and through them, the ultra-wealthy...
Effective slavery is still in force, they’ve only rearranged it a bit so many of us can pretend that we are free.
The old class system is still in effect, only the words have changed. A good education, easily obtained, is still available only to the "upper class".

Do you seriously believe that the “old feudal system” was dissolved? It was simply renamed, modified only slightly, and continues.

They have no need to have meetings, decide a strategy. The strategy, for many thousands of years, has been “standardized”, it’s the Patriarchal Dominance Hierarchy. Everyone knows how it works.
Nothing changes... it’s appearance shifts a bit, just to keep us off balance, not realizing that Nothing Changed...
We do need to get Trump out of office, because he is so incredibly bad at the job, the ultimate poster-boy for the "Peter Principle", but don’t get some crazy idea that the status quo won’t continue, just as it always has, and always will... with the Patriarchal Dominance Hierarchy model of society, many things can change, but the status quo never does.
I do love you all, but the facts are the facts...

Above all, Peace ❤️🙏🏼

— copied and pasted from my Facebook page

PS: I can point this truth out as much as I want, but still…we must bend to the yoke, as they have us by the short and curlies…

PPS: sorry, I was feeling a bit “down in the dumps”. It’s still true, but it’s not productive to dwell on it…❤️🙏🏼 (think happy thoughts)


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Bye y'all. it's been real. I have a new Chromebook, but I prefer to write these little "aside" pieces on my phone, curled up in my comfy chair. always love; w