Donald Trump, the saviour of the human race?

I really must thank President Trump for his invaluable aid in the fight against racism, LGBTQ discrimination, xenophobia, government corruption, and, oh, lots of nasty stuff.
We, as a country, really, the world, have been coasting along since the human rights advances of the 1960s.
When "things" are significantly better than they used to be, we, quite naturally, cruise along, in the back of our minds the vague certainty that "things are much better". We get down to the nitty-gritty of survival, of "succeeding", engulfed in our struggle to climb the Patriarchal Dominance Hierarchy’s pyramid of power.
We get comfortable.
Eventually a feeling of unease begins to build, very slowly, at first. We keep our "nose to the grindstone", or possibly the coke-line. We are used to "everything" not being perfect, but the vague, unconscious, feeling that "things are better than they used to be", keeps us just satisfied enough to ignore injustices, "yes, that’s horrible. What a shame. Now I have stuff to do.".
As this process continues, we gradually become more tolerant of the injustices we notice, in our periphery. We concentrate harder, become more focused on the "important" things.
The process continues, undisturbed, and the increasing human rights violations continue to grow until something happens to focus our attention on how bad it’s really gotten.
As it turns out, Trump’s base, and especially the others who voted for him, had a great idea. They wanted to throw in a “wild-card”, “shake things up”.
The crap-pile was growing, but we were "nose-blind".
Thank Goddess for the electoral college win of Donald J. Trump!
He is the "wild-card" many of his supporters were hoping for, but not for the reasons they were thinking of.
We needed our nose rubbed in our own crap! We needed to be shocked into stepping back and looking at, honestly seeing the mess we had made.
There have, of course, been people who saw what was happening all along. They’ve been "screaming bloody murder" for decades. We were too immersed in our "business" to really pay attention....."Hmm? Oh yeah, horrible. So wrong!. My heart bleeds, but, you know, I’m just very busy today”.
Donald Trump has saved the day!
He is so blatantly bad, so casually evil, drawing the other evil people out who are emboldened by a racist, misogynistic, zenophobic, LGBT-Phobe, just like them, occupying the highest office in the world! They are overjoyed, "Eureka, now we can stop hiding!"

The rest of us, the “normal”, reasonably well adjusted, human beings, look up from our “business”. We are shocked! How could it have gotten this bad?

Now we know. We’ve had our nose rubbed in it. We’ve been shocked into action. Action that should have been taken a very long time ago.

(Let’s hope that we get it right, this time)

Trump may have, ultimately, saved the human race.
Now, perhaps, my brand of living has a chance. What is it? It is a space characterized by; Peace Love Kindness Respect the more you give the more you get 😍 start with yourself 😉 because you deserve it ❤️🙏🏼
-- WeeziSbaby --


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Bye y'all. it's been real. I have a new Chromebook, but I prefer to write these little "aside" pieces on my phone, curled up in my comfy chair. always love; w