Mar 24, 2022


Asked of me on Quora, 24Mar2022

terfs give feminism a bad name

“Why don’t people understand that TERF is a slur against women who have every right to question things?”

“TERF” is an accurate description.

If you exclude transwomen, if you hold a view that is obviously more extreme than the average, if you work for the empowerment of women, you are, by definition, and in actual fact, a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

“TERF" is merely an acronym of exactly what you are, what you do…

The truth only hurts when you are doing something you should be ashamed of.

It's shameful to see adult women having petulant temper tantrums.

Tearing down others to make yourself feel superior, because of your own insecurity, is exactly what men do to us and exactly what white supremacists do to POC.

“TERF"s give feminism a bad name.

Shameful. SMH 😥





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